Movie Set Design Inspirations for the Home

Of course, now that I’m working on Fractured Legacy, I’m enamored by all things related to set design. Found some fave set designs for home inspirations to share, one in particular has already served as an inspiration for Our Peach. Can you guess which movies these are from?

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn. From Sylist

Great color palette. Love the pureness of the cerulean blue against porcelain white.
Production Design: Jeremy Conway; Art Direction: Miguel López-Castillo and Marco Trentini; Set Decoration: Lydia Marks and Lee Sandales.

From Hooked on Houses

Great approach for combining masculine and feminine tastes.
Production Design: Jeff Mann; Art Direction: Keith Neely and David Sandefur (supervising); Set Decoration: Victor J. Zolfo

From Kate Collins Interiors

I’m in love with this kitchen! The open concept makes it inviting…
Production Design: Jon Huntman; Art Direction: John Warnke and Franck Schwarz; Set Decoration: Beth Rubino

From Art Deco Style

The tufted accent wall behind the bed and the handpainted wallpaper in the far right wall gives the space a delicate, yet opulent look!
Production Design: Sarah Greenwood; Art Direction: Nick Gottschalk and Niall Moroney (Supervising); Set Decoration: Katie Spencer

The trailer below is one of the most vibrantly rich and colorful movies I’ve seen. If you haven’t yet seen the film, I highly recommend you do so!


Fun Design Project: Fractured Legacy

Got myself hooked in on a fun little design project recently! I’m the Art Director for a short film called, Fractured Legacy. Check out the video below of our talented writer and director, Sebastien Tobler, discussing the film’s storyline.

Fractured Legacy – Kickstarter Video from Sebastien Tobler on Vimeo.

So what exactly does an Art Director do and how’s that related to design? As I’m quickly finding out…it’s a lot of hunting and gathering for set locations, props, and costumes to visually set the tone of a scene and convey the attributes of the characters…their unique style and personality. Sound like interior design, eh? But in the latter case—rather than revolving around a story—we’re setting tone of how the individual (client) wants to experience the space, dressing it up to convey their unique style and personality.

I’ve been busily creating set design concepts for our three locations and wardrobe concepts for our characters. More to come in the next few days as all this unfolds….!!! Stay tuned!