Palate Pleasing: Valentine’s Day Tablescapes

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s yesterday. Single or not, we should celebrate love. There’s enough crap going on around us and the world, why not take a day, an evening, an afternoon and be with the people we love most.

Well, the hubby outdid himself again with this year’s Valentine’s dinner.  On the menu:

Rack of Baby Lamb on New Potatoes with Barley and Wild Mushrooms

with a lovely bottle of Cotes du Rhone's Chateauneuf-du-Pape

And for dessert:

Coeur A La Creme With Raspberry Sauce

Our tablescape was simple. Hubby got the classic red rose bouquet and sprinkled in some stargazer lilies, which were the flowers on my wedding bouquet and the first flower he ever got me. (Ain’t he sweet!)

He kept the table romantic, simple, and the meal elegant.

It got me thinking of how others may decorate their Valentine’s celebration tables. Here are some inspirations for romantic evenings with a significant other or a celebration of love with friends and family for next year’s Valentine’s.

From Art Style Online

From Art Style Online

From Art Style Online

From Starshine Chic

From Above the Clouds

From St. Luis Cellars

From Delish

From Delish


Color Pairings: White on White (With a Dash of Chic and a Splash of Romance)

Amidst DC’s snowmageddon, there were moments of serenity and quiet.

This picture taken just outside the front of my home inspired the search for these chic and romantic white interiors….(with some ideas for designing with white)!

From Country Living

Tone it up. Use varying shades of white, from bright porcelain to deeper white shades with hints of truffle, gold, or bronze to create depth.

From City Sage

Add warmth with wood.

From Dress Design Decor

Soften with subtle pink and gold hues.

From Reed Davis Photography

Play with visual and actual textures.