Pinterest Challenge

I recently received an invitation to Pinterest, a virtual pinboard that makes it easy to catalog images you find in the interwebs. It takes the “inspiration board” to a whole new level. You can capture images for ideas for your home, your closet, your travel interests, your hairstyle, your you-name-it. I’ve got a pinboard for…

My dream destinations…

Design Notebook: Cherry Blossoms and Empty Walls

I’ve got a couple of lonely, empty walls that line the staircase of Our Peach.

My Empty Walls

I just haven’t quite figured out what I’d like to dress them with. I’ve thought of framed art work mixed in with some framed photographs of us and family and friends. I’ve thought of painting them, but am not quite convinced of a color that will complement the palette we already have. And then I saw this lovely idea from a Young House Love House Crashing post:

Cherry Blossom Mural From Young House Love

Beautiful, eh? And what perfect timing of my find because this past weekend was the official launch of the National Cherry Blossom Festival here in Washington, DC.  The 2010 Cherry Blossom Festival began on March 27 and will run through April 11.  It is an annual celebration of spring in our Nation’s Capital.  Thanks to the Japanese, who gave us the beautiful cherry blossom trees that now adorn the Tidal Basin by the Potomac River.

And fantastically, I found other similar ideas of cherry blossom walls.  Looks like I can get a wall decal or “wall tattoo” to place on my walls, just got to find the right one….

From Uncommon Accents

From IR Korea Deco

From Single Stone Studios

From Red River Interiors

From Surface Collective

From This Next

And to convince the Hubby of this brilliant idea!

Potential sources for wall decals: Dali Decals, Surface Collective

Design Notebook

For my inaugural post, I thought I’d share with you my Design Notebook.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m traveling for work (or pleasure) I love catching up on my design gossip.  I wanna know all about the hottest trends (which today is all about being green, no not Kermit green, but green as in energy efficient) and makeover magic and DIY tips.  I love peeking into gorgeous designers’ homes and crushing on their victorian sofa, barnyard kitchen, or bohemian bedrooms (yes, I have a wide range of tastes).  Among my fave go-to-mags are: Country Living, do it YOURSELF, Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, Domino, Blueprint, and Cottage Living.  I’m sad to say that the last three are now resting in peace.  I heart Domino especially.  It was the only design mag I actually subscribed to.

Anyway, I would stop by Hudson News before boarding the plane and lug my design mags to my destination and ultimately back home.  I used to drive Hubby crazy with the pile of design mags I would have laying around the house.  He would say, “time to recycle!  Gotta get rid of these magazines like we do our newspapers.”  And I would fret and frown, dreading the time I’d have to go through them again and try to save the ones that had a design concept I absolutely adored.  I just couldn’t bear putting them in THAT BLUE CAN.  I mean, what if we ever needed to re-do our kitchen or our bedroom or our home office or our yard??  I would need to do research and put together a design concept, etc. etc.  I needed my magazines!

Well, one afternoon, after a long, trying work day I decided to stop by Barnes & Noble on my way home (books make me happy).  I perused through the aisles, sifting through books and eventually ended up in the design section where I saw Domino’s latest (and only) Book of Decorating.  I thought that I deserved it after the day I had at work, and it now sits proudly on my shelf.  Just a few months later, Domino was gone.  That’s when I realized that my fave go-to-guides for “living with style” won’t be around forever, so there had to be a way for me to keep my favorites around — at least design idea faves.  So I created a little Design Notebook.  Whenever I see a concept that I would love SOMEDAY to replicate in my own home, I cut it out and paste it into my Design Notebook.  It’s another activity that I find cathartic.  So, if you see a design idea that you like, don’t let it pass you by.  Take out those scissors or just rip it out and paste it into something pretty.  You never know when that hubby of yours will say “time to recycle” or when your fave magazine will run out of business.  I share with you now my Design Notebook and some of my favorite design concepts.

My Design Notebook


Color Schemes in Our Home


I was once really into Orange — on occasion, I still am.



Don’t you just want to cuddle up with a blanket (or loved one) have a glass of Merlot and read a book in this room?


I want a claw-footed tub in my bedroom! I once went to a spa (indulged myself while on a business trip) that looked like a quaint bedroom like this.  It had a bathtub in it, and of course, I took a nice milk bath….so relaxing after a long flight (I’m in the east coast; my destination was all the way across the country).

I also take note of future flea market events to attend!

And someday, have a place like this to watch the sunset with my hubby.