Palate Pleasing: Rustic Turkey Chili

My husband made this amazing turkey chili over Super Bowl weekend, along with homemade corn bread.  Sadly, our team didn’t win.  There’s always next year!  And I must say (not to completely betray the Colts), but I am happy for the Saints.  New Orleans deserves a celebration — just wait till Fat Tuesday!  Anyway, I may talk about New Orleans inspired decor sometime, but right now let’s talk about my husband’s turkey chili.

Did you know that chili is short for “chili con carne” (chili with meat)?  Historical accounts of this dish points to a Spanish nun named Maria de Jesus de Agreda who was thought to have taught the dish to Southwestern Native Americans in the early 1600s.  The original recipe included venison, spices, and assorted peppers or chilis.  Corn meal (masa) was used as a thickening agent.  Perhaps that’s why cornbread goes so well with chili!  Today, there certainly are a number of variations for chili.  The most common version is probably the one made with ground beef.  Here is hubby’s turkey version with homemade cornbread.

I know the history of chili points to Southwestern decor, but I totally see a rustic style here.  Ever been to Sun Valley in Idaho?  Picture a log cabin or lodge-style home surrounded by a view of snow-filled mountain tops, the sound of a whispering river running by, and eating a warm bowlful of chili by the fireside.

Credit to Southeby Homes

Credit to Locati Architects

Credit to Sotheby Homes

Credit to Appalachian Havens - Yes, you can stay here!

Credit to Sotheby Homes

Credit to Sotheby Homes

Credit to Appalachian Haven