Design Notebook: Urban, Playful, and Dorothy Draper Inspired

Yesterday I mentioned that a dear friend is moving into a studio apartment in Cleveland Park NW DC and is looking for design ideas for outfitting her new soon-to-be home. To continue my search for design inspirations to spark a funky, lovely, urban, yet playful concept for my friend’s new Cleveland Park NW DC apartment, I found these….for your viewing pleasure (and mine)! Of course, I kept in mind notable Draper Effect elements.

From Fashion Nation

Love the chandelier in this photo below. Draper Effect element: striking detail. Check.

From The Blissful Bride

Draper Effect element: Dense textured carpet. Check. I like this one below, textured minimalist. And what a neat idea for a coffee table!

From Decor8

Draper Effect element: Intense color. Check! Even with black and white…and a hot pop of pink.

From the Glam Lamb

I just love this couch and set of chairs…very urban feel.

From Hotel Chatter

More Dorothy Draper elements: bold, exuberant prints on the carpet. Striking details in the chandeliers. Check. Check!

From Decor to Adore

This one… well, it’s just glam, glam, glam with a hint of sophistication.

From Studio House Design

Ornate mirror — without the overdose. A striking detail and Dorothy Draper element. Check. I love the patterns, texture, and fantabulous blend of bold colors in this room. Oh, and of course, how can I forget Dorothy Draper design element: Roaring Fire!

From Fine Living

Umm…. great couch. Need I say more?

Love the Couch

And a little urban serenity… good use of natural elements.

From Poppies at Play

Now, do share! Which of these images connect with your urban, playful, funky, and lovely self?


Color Pairings: White on White (The Gender-Neutral Version)

The other day I posted a Color Coordinates column about chic and romantic white interiors.  The room inspirations were ones to swoon over.  After reading the column, a friend of mine from college commented, “lovely” (which made me happy) and that she would do a whole house of white on white if she were single.  It made me wonder, why not now that she is married?  She indicated that she tried to decorate a room of white, and her husband did not find it to be “in any way gender neutral.”  Sometimes, it is difficult for us women to curb our enthusiasm for feminine decor.  But there must be some way to meld our wants with our men’s needs–interior decor-wise anyway.  Can we find white room inspirations that reflect gender neutrality?  So this morning, I went on a hunt for some that seemed neutral in more ways than one.  See  below and let me know what you think!

From Furniture Fashion

Go minimalist glam. It has touches of both masculine and feminine decor. Defined shapes like the linear lines that frame the room gives it a structured, masculine feel. But the room is balanced by the glammed-up, more feminine chandelier. I may add a textured, organically shaped white rug under the table and chairs just to round out the feminine-side of the decor.

From Coastal Living

Omit ornate shapes. Ornate shapes tend to be associated with more feminine decor. This room has very clean lines that make it neither masculine nor feminine. Add a hint of color with some fresh flowers like a bluish hydrangea to soften the lines…but keep away from pinks, reds, or any kind of blush shade.

From Apartment Therapy

To break the white monotony, while maintaining that predominantly white room look, mix in a little silver, grey, or slate. Translucent also works. I love both of these rooms, but what I mean to show you is the living room image on the right. To me, the left dining room image has too feminine shaped chairs.

From Urban Sardines

Here’s another take on the grey/white pairing. I’d paint the wood headboard white with silver undertones to achieve the white on white feel to the decor. Adding a textured slate or grey coverlet will bring some softness to the room.

From Mail Online

Punch it up with high gloss white. If you’re going to go modern gender-neutral, I’d say gloss it up like this kitchen and add a feminine fixture like the chandelier shown in the image above.

By Stephen Mays via Kelly G Design

And if you just can’t resist leaning more slightly feminine, like this bedroom…then….

By Stephen Cohen via Kelly G Design

Be sure to have a TV that can be hidden!