So what am I going to talk about on Design Palate?  I have, honestly, more questions than I have thoughts. I’m not an expert in this stuff, but as I continue to explore through Design Palate, I hope that the blog can help those of us who love interior design better understand our style and tastes.  I’ve brainstormed some topics that I’ll be covering on Design Palate. Often, though, I write about what pops in my head that day — usually something I can’t wait to share with you! If you’ve got other ideas or comments or just wanna say “hi,” you can contact me at designpalate@gmail.com.

Dis[h]course Ideas

Color Pairings talks about color coordination and navigating color schemes for interiors.  How can black and yellow go together without seeming like a bumble bee?

Design Dish covers the latest and greatest in the world of interior design.  I’ll most probably narrow down my coverage to residential and hospitality design.

Design Chef features the creators behind that great interior space, furniture, textile, lighting, or any other eye-candy I discover.

House Dressing finds interior design inspiration from clothing fashion and textiles.  Have a favorite dress or outfit?  Perhaps you saw something on Project Runway or on the runway.  Why not use that as your home design inspiration?

Palate Pleasing is all about design inspired by food.  We have wine and food pairings.  So why not food and room pairings?  There certainly are ways to correspond colors and interiors according to different tastes, be it sweet, savory, sour, salty, or bitter.  I’m super thrilled about this one.  My husband is quite the cook, and I’m always imaging what interiors might best present his dishes.  Once you see some pics of his cuisines, you’ll know what I mean!

Period Pieces highlights interiors from history.  The past can inspire our future, so why not.  I’ll give you a slice of time…a little history, a little pretty, a little fun.

Recipe Redo provides information for DIY projects and how-to’s to help us transform our spaces, while considering the depths of our pockets.  If you’ve got any DIY projects you’d like to highlight on Design Palate, please contact me.  I’m happy to show you off (and learn from you as well)!

Tasty Decor is my attempt to cook up a yummy design feast for those seeking insights, advice, or just help with decor finds to suit their taste.  I’m putting my newly acquired Corcoran skills to work!  If you’d like to try Tasty Decor, email and send me some pics of your space, any essential ingredients (e.g., colors, must stay furniture, decor style), and desired functions.

Happy Reading!


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