Lost Boys: Classic, Rugged, Cool

For all the guys out there – I found a design inspiration source for your bachelor pad: Lost Boys in Georgetown (Washington, DC).

How cool are these bulldog book ends? And of course, a little Blues Brothers adds a some classic cool to the space too.

Exposed brick is hot in a guys space….giving it a classic yet rugged edge. And if you’ve got a gal, might as well show her that you’re thinking of her by framing her pic on your wall.

And these are just some fun accessories. But “rag and bone” is a design and fashion line with retail outlets in New York and Lost Boys in DC. The “rag and bone man” is actually a century-old British fixture known for the first form of recycling. Who would have thought? More about that here.

And if you’re living solo, you’ve probably got a small space. Old-style luggage is a great way to add style as well as storage to your space.


Fun at The Tile Shop

Hubby and I went on an adventure to Alexandria, Virginia the other day to get our backsplash tiles from the Tile Shop. Knowing that I already did some research on this and if the look fit with our granite, Hubby had high hopes that we would be quickly on our way out of the shop. Well, who would have thought there’d be so much fun inspiration to find at a tile shop? I slowed down our exit…just a tad…so I could share these with you. Enjoy!