Tasty Decor: Clifton NW

And they keep on coming!  A super fun college friend and her husband, Amber and Martin, moved into town early this year and recently closed on their new home.  Of course, eager for more design fun, I volunteered to help them hunt for furnishings and think of design concepts for their two-bedroom spot in the U Street area of DC.  This is a creative dream since they are essentially working with a blank canvas.  Sure, they have some existing pieces, but minimal.  They primarily have the bedroom set. Other than than, all’s fair in loving design.  So first, thing’s first.  A dining table.

The criteria:  a table to seat at least 6. Amber’s sisters also live in town, and they often get together for Sunday dinners.  One of the challenges with finding the right table is that Martin and Amber have a living, kitchen, dining combo space…with not much room for many pieces of furniture.  So, we have to find options that can be compact when dining for two and expanded when needed for six.  Below are some finds from good ole Craigslist (which, btw, has many deal steals!).

Table Options to Seat At Least 6

Next order of business….Living Area.  A few moodboards showcasing different sofa options.  Amber loves color and pattern and texture and just “life” in her space.  Martin, on the other hand, prefers serene, contemporary, more muted colors.  Though, frankly, he just wants to be comfortable and is happy to make his wife happy, too.  So, I went with colors…but kept in some contemporary styling in the moodboards below.

MoodBoard 1 with Karlstad Sofa

MoodBoard 2 with Sage Morgan Sofa

MoodBoard 3 with Pierre Sofa

We shall see, which one they will end up with. Could be none!  Then, back to the drawing board.