Lost Boys: Classic, Rugged, Cool

For all the guys out there – I found a design inspiration source for your bachelor pad: Lost Boys in Georgetown (Washington, DC).

How cool are these bulldog book ends? And of course, a little Blues Brothers adds a some classic cool to the space too.

Exposed brick is hot in a guys space….giving it a classic yet rugged edge. And if you’ve got a gal, might as well show her that you’re thinking of her by framing her pic on your wall.

And these are just some fun accessories. But “rag and bone” is a design and fashion line with retail outlets in New York and Lost Boys in DC. The “rag and bone man” is actually a century-old British fixture known for the first form of recycling. Who would have thought? More about that here.

And if you’re living solo, you’ve probably got a small space. Old-style luggage is a great way to add style as well as storage to your space.