True Blue, Baby, I Love You

Madonna had the right words. I’ve fallen in love with my Sunbrella True Blue Canvas Fabric. After some agony deciding on what fabric type to use for my French Provincial Sofa, I finally settled on something simple, yet vibrant. I”m on a roll this week, let me tell you!

I decided against using a pattern so that I can easily modify the look/feel of the sofa as my life, mood, or setting changes. I really wanted some color though, particulary blue. Ever since I saw Kate Middleton’s Blue Lace Dress, I’ve had it in my head that this sofa is gonna be blue. Just a matter of finding the right shade to match our carpet and other decor. And here it is…

Don’t you just love it?

So how is the rest of this story going to turn out? Well, I have grand plans of re-painting the wood frame of the sofa…something grey-ish perhaps? Or a distressed finish? I found some new inspiration to help me out. What do you think?

From Anthropologie

I love the rainbow of blues on this Loius XV style chair. It’s a great new take on a classic. Here are some more images.

Louisa Settee From Anthropologie

From Anthropologie

From Anthropologie


Simple Bedroom Makeover

You don’t have to spend much to change the look and feel of a space. Take the bedroom, for example. Hubby and I updated our bedroom with a new coat of paint, new duvet, carpet, and simple accessories.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

Here’s the before. I was really into orange a couple years back…wanted to even paint our headboard orange (but the silent gasp in hubby’s eyes stopped me). So, we settled with a duvet cover. Something about the fact that it can be easily removed, I think, comforted him.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

Then I moved into a calmer phase in my life where I wanted everything else around me calm, too. What better place to start than the bedroom. We softened the room with a blue-green accent wall. Then I found this beautiful yellowish-beige duvet cover and found some accent pillowcases to match to lighten up the space and create some contrast between the dark-chocoloate headboard and my newly painted blue-green wall.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

It also better highlights our most treasured posssession: this photograph that we got in Charleston, South Carolina as a souvenir from our honeymoon 6 years ago.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

We added some warmth to the room, while creating some more definition in the space with this rug. We got in on sale in Alexandria, VA (will update this post with the store’s name). We spent close to like 4 hours in that rug store. They had piles and piles of beautiful antique Persians.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

This was a vase we’ve had in our bedroom before. But I just love the pop of salmon-pink in the space. We blended in different hues as pops of color elegantly placed here and there.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

Finally, we updated the knobs on the bedside tables. I wanted something simpler to pull, not overdone.

Photograph by Michelle @ Design Palate

Here’s a closer picture of the bedside table. And my latest night-time reads.

Hope you enjoyed a mini tour of our bedroom!

Kate Middleton and Chevron Upholstery Fabric

What do the Duchess of Cambridge and chevron upholstery fabric have in common? Royal and Blue. As you know, I recently couch swapped on Craigslist — selling my couch and purchasing a French provincial sofa.

French Provincial Sofa

I had not a clue of what I wanted to re-upholster it with, until I saw this:

Kate in Blue Lace Dress by Erdem

Stunning, don’t you think? It’s by Erdem. Here’s another image.

The Peach is in need of a pop (or maybe a few pops) of color, after all. The living-dining-kitchen area is so…how shall I say it…brown. So here we go with our royal blue.

Royal Blue

And the fabric pattern? Why not Chevron, which a zig-zag pattern? Here are a couple I am considering.

large scale chevron - white and navy

Zig Zag - Royal

I think it will add a more contemprary look to the traditional-ness of the sofa, don’t you think?

Recipe Redo: Refresh Your Coffee Table

Among my many hunts these days is finding inspiration for refreshing the Peach’s decor, particularly the coffee table. It is much loved and therefore showing many years of wear. Hubby and I often find ourselves in the living area after work lounging with cocktails…sometimes staying for dinner. And on weekends watching our fave Cooking Channel morning shows, while sipping our cups of Joe, keeping our table true to its name. I’m debating getting another one, but maybe I can simply refresh it with some color. I’ve been browsing the interwebs and thought you might be interested in some of my finds. Coffee table redo and…

Make two yellow.

From Arhzine

Do metallic.

From Arhzine

Go white.

From Interior Ideaz

Distress it.

From Country Living

Use teal and showcase memories.

From Nature Inspired Crafts on Etsy

Paint it green.

From Ana White Home Maker

What do you think I should do?

Recipe Redo: How to Reupholster a Chair

Want to turn something like this…

Into this?

Then, watch this!

Oh, I guess — the video doesn’t address how to re-paint a chair. Before you re-attach the seat to the chair frame, here are some quicky re-painting steps:

1. Sand it.
2. Spray paint it with the desired color — make sure you get the glossy finish or else the imperfections will show through. A couple of coats should do. Remember to spray 6 inches or so away from the chair in a controlled left to right/right to left movement. Be sure to fully cover the areas you want to paint, but try not to go over areas you’ve done more than a couple of times otherwise the paint will start to run and that’s not gonna be pretty. If the paint starts to run, you can use a paint brush to try and blend it all in, but the look won’t be uniform throughout the chair, unless you use the paint brush throughout. So, to keep your sanity just try to avoid running the paint altogether! (Believe me on this!)
3. Let it dry.
4. Screw back in the seat onto the chair frame.
5. Enjoy it!

PS. For less fumy, non-toxic, and more environmentally-friendly spray paints look for paints with zero to low [e.g., lower than 150 grams per liter (gm/liter)] Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Avoid paints that contain toxic elements like Toluene, Ammonia, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, and Glycol esters. I wish I had known about this information before buying my spray paint. It’s hard to find spray paints that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. After a little bit of research, I just found the Krylon H2O Latex spray paint as one option. For wall paints and stains, there is Safecoat. Does anyone know of other brands? Please do share with us, if so.