Craigslist Couch Swap

I traded in this couch…

My Couch

For this lovely French provincial sofa…

French Provincial Sofa

The hubby thinks I’ve gone a little cuckoo–trading in his favorite, uber comfortable couch for a traditional, what-may-seem-as-stiff-BUT-ISNT! sofa. I just told him, “trust me, honey! It’s gonna be great.” Reluctantly, he concurred. But I already bought the piece anyway. Can’t let a great deal like that go–$75 Craigslist bucks! Yep, that’s all she took, which leaves me more to work with for the fabric and re-upholstering.

I’m not really sure what fabric I want to re-upholster her with yet. But, I may have had an epiphany while at the gym yesterday (something about running releases my design creativity!). Let’s just say the inspiration is a Kate and an Erdem.


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