Design Treats: Chinoiserie Chippendale Chairs

How did I not know about these chairs before??

From Chinoiserie Chic

Chinoiserie and ikat…what a unique combination!

From via pinterest

Love the golden tones on this version. Perfect for a sunroom!

From Chinoiserie Chic

In black…elegant.

From Decorpad

This jade-grey color give the chair a softer tone.

Interiors by Jennifer Dengel via Aesthetic Oiseau

Red! Bold statement in the dining room.

Chairs by Jonathan Adler via Chinoiserie Chic

Or yellow-green for a little pop of fun.

I do think this style would be just perfect for my dining room! My design dilemma now is finding the right color to match the mahogany table. Any suggestions??

My Dining Table


One thought on “Design Treats: Chinoiserie Chippendale Chairs

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