Design Palate Finds At The New York International Gift Fair

So excited to tell you all about my first visit to the New York International Gift Fair this weekend! In addition to having an amazing time looking at all sorts of design candy–from home furnishings to fashion and accessories–I met with some of the most amazing and talented people. My best finds were in the Handmade Global Design division, which showcased artisan-made items from all over the world. Let’s check them out, shall we? (P.S. if you click on the images, it will take you to more info about the product.)

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

Amazing detail, don’t you think? This vase, called the Three Leaf Fish Vase, was made by an artisan from San Juan de Oriente in Nicaragua and is showcased in the U.S. with the wonderful help of Chaka MarketBridge. I’ll tell you more about that in another post!

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

I love the colors of these woven textiles from India.

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

LOVE! these pillows. Such beautiful craftsmanship by the talented women living in the rural communities near Tegucigalpa, Hondoruas. More on their story on another post too!

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

This is a garden wall art made out of the base of an oil steel drum by an artisan in Haiti. What a marvelous way to repurpose used bins!

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

During the Autumn, ever think of turning that pile of leaves that fall on your yard into eco-friendly lamps?? Well, eangee home design had a great idea and ran with it…working with artisans in the Philippines to make these colorful beauties for you.

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

Malaysian woodcarving by Norhaiza Noordin, mastercarver. This little image does not do the real pieces justice. When I meet Norhaiza, he was sketching plans for a beautifully intricate wood-carved bed. He’s an amazing artist all around.

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

A gorgeous wood cabinet with mother-of-pearl inlay from Syria.

Photo by Michelle @ Design Palate

And one of my very faves, Egyptian ceramics at the Aid to Artisans booth.

What do you think? Amazing pieces aren’t they? Know of more artisan-made home furnishings and accessories? Let us know!


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