Aboriginal Art

Came across these design treats the other day after discovering one on the wall of ish and chi. I just love the energy and richness of the colors of these pieces as well as the meaning and intent behind their creation. Aboriginal art has blossomed in recognition in recent years thanks for folks like Sabine Haider, owner and director of Central Art (in Australia), and of galleries like Artlandish, who have provided the world with the opportunity to learn about and cherish such beautiful pieces. Here are some that suited my sweet tooth. Click on each to learn more about the pieces and their artists.

Bush Plum Dreaming by Kathleen Ngala

Yam Dreaming by Dolly Mills Petyarre

Painting by Lily Napangardi

More about Lily Napangardi here.

Women's Ceremony by Walangkura Napanangka

Star Dreaming by Alma Nungarrayi Granites

Awelye & Bush Melon by Betty Mbitjana

Womens Dreaming by Debra Young Nakamarra


2 thoughts on “Aboriginal Art

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