Tasty Decor: On Winter Pine…New Home, New Look!

After a long hiatus from all things interior design, you can imagine my excitement when I was asked by my hubby’s cousin and his wife to help them think through the design/decor features for their first owned home. Matt and Mandy recently moved from their 2 bedroom Crystal City apartment into a wonderful 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, over 1,500 square feet townhome that is within walking distance to a metro and has a huge extended backyard. Quite a rare find in the Washington, DC-area at an affordable price!  They had a number of furniture pieces that they were bringing over from their apartment to their new home, most of which were transitional.  Their primary challenge was identifying the design scheme that can incorporate their existing furnishings with new purchases and add in colors to blend in their transitional, contemporary-leaning taste.  So I came up with a few moodboards to help them visualize the potential!

Living Room
They had a sage-green sofa and loveseat as well as matching dark-chocolate side tables and coffee table.  But they wanted to bring in color into the space.  So what did I come up with?  GREY!  Yes, grey.  Well, a silver-grey anyway.  It just fit their contemporary leaning style and a great backdrop to an infusion of other colors, like golds and fuschia, in the space as well as a great tie into the other wall colors in the other rooms.
1. West Elm Tiled Capiz Table Lamp.  What better item to juxtapose against a silver-grey wall than a metallic-gold capiz-base lamp?

2. Pier1 Sand Striped Window Panel or Pottery Barn Dupioni Silk Grommet Drape. And of course, to add warmth to the room, muted golden window panels.  Also a great tie-in to the sage-green sofa, loveseat and the chocolate tables.

3.  Handmade Soho Blue Burst New Zealand Wool Rug (5′ x 8′).  Loving this.  The burst of gold, bronze and texture will make your room (and your feet)  happy!

Dining Room
For their dining space, Matt and Mandy already had the dining table and chairs in the above moodboard.  The dining room is horizontally adjacent to the living room, with silver-grey wall against golden capiz lamps and gold window panels… I thought why not a mustard-ish yellow wall?  From gloss to muted yellow.  The dark brown leather chairs and the reddish-brown table legs would fit well.  To tie it all together, I found some tasty goodies below.

  1. West Elm Round Metal Chandelier
  2. West Elm Shelving Brackets
  3. West Elm Sweater Rug

Reading Room
Immediately next to their kitchen is an open space that may have been an informal sitting area, which Matt and Mandy are turning into their reading room/first floor office.  Mandy fell in love with this Santorini blue, which worked perfectly in the flow of my silver-grey and mustard-yellow wall schemes.  Some goodies for their reading room on the moodboard above.

  1. West Elm Round Coco Mirror.  for over fireplace?
  2. Andalusia Rug

Master Bedroom
And for one of the most important rooms in the house, a comfortable, serene space.  They already had most of the furniture, so all I had to do was find the right wall color and options for their lighting scheme and some additional accessories.  For the wall color, I suggested a light, grey-blue…which worked perfectly with their chocolate-colored bedroom set.  Other fun items, I found:

  1. West Elm Flat Stock Lighting Collection: Single Sconce
  2. Pier1 Pearl Silk Window Panel

Hopefully they’ll love these ideas and will be on their way to making an already happy home even happier!


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