Home List of To Dos

A lot on my mind today.  So much to do on our Peach, including:

1. Put up new back patio fence.
2. Renovate kitchen.
3. Paint a mural or place pretty decal on staircase wall.
4. Update living room decor.
5. Clean up and organize home office.
6. Organize all closets.
7. Replace light fixtures in entry and over staircase (kitchen too?)

Almost four years into our Peach, and this list is just the beginning….Other life necessities took precedence to updating our Peach.  And certainly #2 and #4 are going to take some time for more saving.  #2 in particular is a little bit of a dilemma.  It’s quite possible that in 2 years, the Hubby and I will transition to a different home.  While we’d love to stay in our Peach for a long time, it just doesn’t have the space for us to grow.  So what to do?  Do we shell out the dough and do the full redo shabang (i.e., new layout, new cabinets, new countertops, new appliances)?  Or do we take the minimal approach and simply upgrade countertops and appliances, keeping the cabinets and layout?  Where can we get the most bang for our buck?  Anyone out there with ideas?

For those also planning home renovations out there, I came across this thought-piece that may be of interest from MintLife.


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