Color Pairings: Spring Green

Thinking green today.  Wonder why?  Happy St. Patty’s Day!  So you should be wearing green or else you might get pinched! Did you know that St. Patrick was originally associated with the color blue? But then he started using the three-leaf shamrock as a way to teach to the Holy Trinity (i.e., Father, Son, Holy Spirit) to the pre-Catholic Irish. After that, it was spring green for St. Pat. So today at Design Palate, we are celebrating green. Religious or not, for those with a passion for design and St. Patrick’s Day — these green decor inspirations are for you!

Create a cozy corner nook with heavy lighter olive green drapes offsetting lime green walls. Soften the palette with a jute rug and pink flowers:

From Better Homes and Gardens

For a little glam, mix gold and green. Use visual texture to create interest:

From the Desk of Annie

For a comfortable feel, a light sea green against white:

From Country Living

Perfect for the coast….complementary to ocean blue — light browns, reds, and greens:

From Completely Coastal

Bring the outside in, mix in wood with green:

From DecorGreen

Cottage chic–pinks and greens:

From Blissfully Domestic

And finally, for a modern touch–blend citrus green with black/grey hues:

From Good Housekeeping


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