The Kitchen Cure

I’ve just signed up on a for kitchen-clean-up one-month boot camp…”The Kitchen Cure.” Hubby and I want to eat healthier, so I figure, if we organize our small kitchen in a way that makes healthier ingredients and foods accessible, we might just eat better. So—

What is the Kitchen Cure?

The site says, “The Kitchen Cure is a four-week program designed to help you get your kitchen in tip-top shape: Clean, healthy and organized. Naturally, your cooking will improve by becoming more nourishing and satisfying. There’s something to learn here for every cook.”

“The Kitchen Cure has four main assignments. Each is designed to motivate you to de-clutter, clean, and make your kitchen a more fun and healthy place to cook. You follow along at home, and [] will give you tips, encouragement, and community support.”

“This Kitchen Cure [kicked] off on Friday, February 26th, with [the] first assignment. Each Friday there will be an assignment and you’ll have the weekend to get it started. During the week [] will have tips, tricks, good ideas, and other pieces of inspiration to help you work on that week’s Cure assignment.”

Alright, I’m a little behind.  The first assignment for last weekend was to clean out the fridge and pantry.  As you know, I’m hoping to renovate our kitchen this year (hopefully)…so de-cluttering is definitely a good first step.  I intend on catching up this weekend!  Wish me luck!


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