Design Notebook: Urban, Playful, and Dorothy Draper Inspired

Yesterday I mentioned that a dear friend is moving into a studio apartment in Cleveland Park NW DC and is looking for design ideas for outfitting her new soon-to-be home. To continue my search for design inspirations to spark a funky, lovely, urban, yet playful concept for my friend’s new Cleveland Park NW DC apartment, I found these….for your viewing pleasure (and mine)! Of course, I kept in mind notable Draper Effect elements.

From Fashion Nation

Love the chandelier in this photo below. Draper Effect element: striking detail. Check.

From The Blissful Bride

Draper Effect element: Dense textured carpet. Check. I like this one below, textured minimalist. And what a neat idea for a coffee table!

From Decor8

Draper Effect element: Intense color. Check! Even with black and white…and a hot pop of pink.

From the Glam Lamb

I just love this couch and set of chairs…very urban feel.

From Hotel Chatter

More Dorothy Draper elements: bold, exuberant prints on the carpet. Striking details in the chandeliers. Check. Check!

From Decor to Adore

This one… well, it’s just glam, glam, glam with a hint of sophistication.

From Studio House Design

Ornate mirror — without the overdose. A striking detail and Dorothy Draper element. Check. I love the patterns, texture, and fantabulous blend of bold colors in this room. Oh, and of course, how can I forget Dorothy Draper design element: Roaring Fire!

From Fine Living

Umm…. great couch. Need I say more?

Love the Couch

And a little urban serenity… good use of natural elements.

From Poppies at Play

Now, do share! Which of these images connect with your urban, playful, funky, and lovely self?


4 thoughts on “Design Notebook: Urban, Playful, and Dorothy Draper Inspired

  1. Love 4, 8, and 10. Black and white is stunning. Totally jealous of people who are childless and dogless and can do that. Think my favorite is 8 with the bright colors and black/white balance. Feels both cozy and sophisticated, which I strive for!

  2. I totally agree. I love 8 best too. Pets are definitely a challenge for black and white only spaces. Let me see if I can find some design solutions for you. =)

    • Do you mean the 6th image? With the purple print carpet? If so, I believe that is the interior of Modern Steak — a restaurant in Scottsdale, Az.

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