Palate Pleasing: The Big Easy Tablescape. Serve Up the Gumbo!

Last night was my very first attempt at recreating a New Orleans original: gumbo. The process was quite involved, but the result–rewarding.

How did I do?

When you cook, I’m sure you’re thinking about how well the ingredients blend together for taste. I think about that too, of course. Who wants to make a bland, crappy dish? Actually, I don’t think too much when I’m cooking. It’s a time for my brain to chill with a glass of wine, and my hands to do the work. But last night (and maybe because I was thinking of a piece for this blog), I was thinking about how the ingredients for gumbo went together visually. When they’re combined, the resulting color is sort of a deep yellow. But individually, the ingredients make up a nice traditional, classic color combination of yellow, green, red, and brown. So considering the ingredients individually, I came up with the following ingredients for a gumbo-inspired tablescape! Am I spot on? Do tell.

Wanna re-create this for your table?

1. Thomas by Rosenthal Loft 6-3/4-Inch Oval Bowl
2. Recycled Glass Fluted Jar
3. Merucry Tealight Holder
4. DII Basics Napkin Set of 4
5. Red Dinner Square Plates
6. Bubble Optic Tumblers – Amber
7. Savant Flatware
8. Gold Beaded Table Runner
9. Sand and Brown Reversible Placemat
10. Rock Spray Napkin Rings


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